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S.C. Sigstrat S.A

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   435500 Sighetu Marmatiei;
   Str.Unirii nr.40
   Jud. Maramures - Romania
   Tel: +40 262 317575
   Fax: +40 262 315464



About us ...

        SIGSTRAT SA, comercial Company, was founded in 1993 and has 100% Romanian private capital. Is placed in the N-W area of Romania, at 100 km from the Hungarian Border.

        We produce beech plywood, molded elements made in bent beech plywood (seats, backs for chairs), chairs, small furniture and other wooden products.

        We are constantly concerned of modernizing and renewing the production process and equipping with high-tech tools in order to diversity the production and increase the quality. We are testing the quality of the products in our laboratory, supervised by international control bodies.

        We are working in accordance with the European Norms for quality, Environment and Working Security. We have the FSC® 100% accreditation and we can work with certified wood.

        We have become known in four continents, Europe, Asia, Africa, Nord America, our high quality made products making toward the highest demand.

        The solicitude to customers and the promptness in delivery marks the relations with our clients.

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